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NPM introduces you to our new line of devices- the GLOW Gadget series. This series will not only include beautiful and advanced gadgets- but each of these gadgets will be an information unit that links all of the users together into one friendly, easy to use environment.

Device Kit includes:
• Official NPM Hand-Piece
• Power Adapter 12v
• Foot Switch
• Elegant Briefcase
 €500 Gift card to purchase NPM Products

So what is GLOW?

The vision that we in NPM wanted to fulfill with our new line of devices was to make each and every artist in the world to be able to progress thanks to his or her talent and skills, and to supply the right tools to present in front of other users from all across the globe their work of art that they’ve created using our innovative instrumentation that was built in the most strict standards.

The GLOW Gadgets are the first of their kind, and that’s because beyond of them being incredibly powerful, precise and elegant they also combine within wi-fi based technologies and data-networks which allow every artist from every point around the planet to communicate directly with every other artist who owns a GLOW device as well – that is possible thanks to an easy to use social network which the artists will present their work in, will be able to share and learn from others their techniques, tips, tools and professional and modern work methods, express their feelings and opinions, stay updated about what is happening in the PMU, HFS and Paramedical industry, assist and be assisted by other professionals, develop business relations and much more…

In addition to all of the above, we added in the Gadgets more content and features such as client management (with the option to go through your clients’ history of treatments, to receive information and details about each treatment like- what needle it was made with, which pigment etc.) a notification system to let you know if any client needs a re-treatment, calendar management, to be able to take part in professional chats and forums, receiving information about exhibitions and conventions across the world, to restock through an online e-shop where the users can purchase PMU products, personal areamanagement, personal customization of the device’s interface, online authorized help center that can be reached via the device, and of course- a revolutionary, well-designed work screen which also knows how to automatically set up the speed (determined by the type of treatment) and to recommendwhich needles to use (with short description and videos about each needle).


All of the GLOWs has a LED based lighting at the bottom to light up your working area!

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