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Areola Reconstruction Online Course + Free Kit & Certificate

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Do you use your talent to help One of Eight Women in need?

NPM International is proud to present our initial Areola Reconstruction online course.
Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women globally, statistically hurts One out of Eight women. Most women that face breast cancer would have to go through mastectomy or in some cases double Mastectomy, then in most cases, they’re going through breast reconstruction. This procedure of breast reconstruction leaves patients with visible scars and no Areola.

NPM International specializes in Areola reconstruction treatments, for over a decade we treated thousands of women free of charge. These treatments along with our unique technology helped us gather a great knowledge in the field of Areola reconstruction.

We are about to launch our first online course. The course will include everything you need to know about Areola reconstruction from top to bottom. The students will get certified by NPM International and will be able to perform the procedure in an accurate and satisfying manner.

Course Content:
Each student will receive a written theory booklet, procedure videos, online lectures. These materials will include everything you need to know in order to perform an Areola reconstruction.
The course will hold of 6 meetings: 2 classes of online meetings and 4 theoretical classes all guided by Mr. Alul.
There will be theoretical exams and practical exams that will cover the following:

1. Idea and theory of areola reconstruction.
2. Drawing and 3D effects.
3. The building of the nipple and areola with 3D effect.
4. Practical procedure.

Free Pigments Kit:
Every purchase of online course will get you the complete NPM Areola color pigments collection. With 12 different color bottles, total value of over $500!


The Certificate:
Upon graduating from the Areola reconstruction course successfully, each student will receive a certificate from NPM International. The certificate will be sent to our students via email to the same email applied on the application, another hard copy will be sent to the physical address if provided.


Each applicant needs to have the proper equipment in order to perform the practical exam, previous experience is not a necessity.

Technical requirements:
• Internet connection, optional: web-cam + microphone.
• Permanent makeup device equipped with a hand-piece which are suitable for Areola reconstruction by NPM (Oron 55, 56, 57, 58, ILAY series, GLOW series, Oron 58s)
• Needles (5RL, 11M, 5RM, 7RM, 3RL, 3RS)
• Artificial skin/practice skin

The course will be given in English.

About Moshe Alul:
“Make a difference in people’s lives” is Moshe Alul’s motto, with his persistent desire and motivation, today he feels the fruits of his achievement through the reaction of his customers. Moshe was born and raised in Israel and comes from a family that values hard work and determination. In 1998 he married his long time sweetheart Vered, now the mother of his three children. Founder and CEO of NPM International, Moshe Alul is considered one of the foremost authorities on permanent makeup and cosmetic tattoos procedures. In 2005 Moshe Alul established his company NPM International with his wife Vered, making the move from a career of 28 years in the tattooing business.

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