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Rosa After Care Stick Lips

Oorspronkelijke prijs was: €10,95.Huidige prijs is: €8,95. excl. BTW

Er is een Lip stick met factor 20 voor bescherming voor eventuele permanente make-up. De Lip stick zonder factor is beter voor het genezingsproces. U kunt bij opmerkingen aangeven welke u wilt.



The After Care Balm is available in two different forms, in a cream jar and in lipstick form. It is a special product which serves as after care for fresh eyebrow and lip PMU and for body tattoo. Due to its vegetable ingredients, high Vitamin E content and balmy, waxy consistency it nourishes and protects the tattooed surface. It moisturizes, softens the skin and forms a coating on the skin, thus protecting the tattoo. It allows maximum pigment implantation into the skin and smooth healing period after the PMU treatment.

Apply this balm on the tattoo several times during the day, for 7-10 days. First softly clean the surface of the tattoo with a wet cotton pad, so that the leaking tissue liquid does not get dry on it, then apply the after care balm on the tattoo. Apply a thin layer of it, so as not to cause „sauna effect” on the fresh tattoo. The tattoo must not get dry, because the dry scabs can pull the pigments out of the skin, that is why it is important to use the balm several times a day. Check every 3-4 hours if there is enough balm of the tattoo. It is not suitable for the after care of eyeliner PMU, it must not get into the eyes because it may cause blurry vision. For the after care of eyeliner PMU it is recommended to use the Eyeliner After Care cream.

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